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4 Color Printing
4 Color Printing
We’ve got lots of fans… and we asked a few for comments.

"Your willingness to get creative with us has resulted in the perfect product – we’re so proud of it."

"I can’t thank you enough. You guys are so easy to work with!"

"Working with you guys is becoming addictive."

"I didn’t know anybody still offered service like this. What a find!"

"No matter how crazy my deadline, Bay Area Graphics always makes it happen."
4 Color Printing
4 Color Printing
People are talking behind our backs, and we feel pretty good about it.

Apparently people are saying a lot about us when we’re not around. That’s how we find our best clients, to be honest. Happy customers are doing our advertising for us, spreading the word that they’ve found the best print broker they’ve ever worked with. We’re building our business on repeat performances that take the heat off you and always make you look great.

At Bay Area Graphics, it really is done right, every time. As a highly creative, versatile printing company, BAG doesn’t resort to standardized one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor everything to the individual needs of our clients. And the range of jobs we’re able to take on is almost limitless.

We’ve handled an enormous variety of printing jobs, from simple business cards to one-of-a-kind custom orders. Need posters for a trade show? We can arrange it—and in the past we have. Need a bunch of t-shirts with your company’s insignia? We can do that too. If you need it in massive quantities, or if you need it yesterday, BAG has the tools to accommodate you. No matter how unusual or unreasonable the job may seem, there’s a pretty strong chance that we can find a workable solution for you.

Find out why we’ve earned a reputation as the best printing company in the Bay Area. Brochures, media kits, bound company reports, flyers, postcards, and much more—we’ve carried out all kinds of printing jobs in the past, and we continue to provide high-quality service to our ever-growing list of clients. Contact us soon with your requests.