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Digital Printing
Digital Printing
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Four Color Printing

Color printing is a reproduction of an image or text in color while four color printing is the method used to print a full range of colors. Four color printing is used to reproduce color photographs and uses three primary ink colors: cyan, magenta and yellow. This type of color printing also uses black ink and is commonly abbreviated CMYK. Four color printing begins by separating the original artwork into red, green and blue components which can be done using a digital scanner. These separations are then inverted so that a negative image of the red component represents the cyan component of the image and negative images produced by blue and green represent the yellow and magenta separations, respectively.

Cyan, yellow and magenta are the three main pigments in four color printing and when combined should result in a reasonable reproduction of the original image. However, the limitations in ink pigments result in the darker colors being muddied and dirty. To solve this problem in four color printing, a black separation is also created to improve the shadow and contrast of the image. Because black forms the "key" color, four color printing is abbreviated CMYK. Four color printing is commonly used to print a variety of items and results in a high quality finish that is bound to impress even the non-artistic. It is commonly used to print calendars, brochures, postcards and even business cards.

Bay Area Graphics was started 20 years ago and is a print resource company that prides itself on its integrity and exacting standards. It is the objective third party that will guide you through the complex process of inspiration, concept development and design, printing and fulfillment for any idea scribbled incoherently or a well conceived piece of art. All you have to do is sit back, relax and impress! Bay Area Graphics also known as BAG offers you the choice of picking a single service or the entire package always ensuring the best results quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Services on offer include: design, production, printing using a number of techniques such as four color printing, die cutting, bindery, fulfillment, mailing, management and storage. Contact BAG at info@bayareagraphics.com to start making your concept a reality with their printing solutions.

At BAG you can use four color printing to make show-stopping folders, stationery and posters. If you have the enormous task of handling a promotion, BAG offers media kits, T-shirts, give-aways and promos all printed in the highest quality using four color printing. BAG can design, copy, print and personalize business media such as annual reports and direct mail and even give your company a complete new look with their re-branding ideas. If you are looking for the most professional business cards or flyers, BAG uses four color printing to produce attention-grabbing images that can make all the difference to your advertising campaign. Four color printing is also used to print glossy postcards and digital brochures that can be used to promote your business and impress clients with its eye-catching details. www.bayareagraphics.com has all the printing resources you need in one place for custom jobs, promo jobs or even quick jobs