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At Bay Area Graphics, we look at every job as a chance to build a great relationship.

We’re in this for the long haul, and we want our clients to think of us as more than just the solution du jour. The results you get from BAG will knock you out the first time around, and they’ll keep getting even better as we move around the dance floor together and learn each other’s rhythms. So give us a chance to lead, and we’ll have you dancing with the stars in no time.

Catalog Printing
Catalog Printing
We know you have a lot of other details to worry about.

Sometimes it takes a minute or two, but our clients really get into the idea of letting us sweat the print-related details so they can move on to other things that are actually part of their job descriptions. Remember all those hats you’ve been trained to wear? Good news—you can take one off now.

Please allow us a moment for shameless client name-dropping. Here goes: Wells Fargo, Sony, VISA, Hotels.com, Expedia, ADP. Impressed yet?

You know why we’ve attracted—and continue to attract—this kind of clientele? We’ll let you in on a little secret—we’re not like the other printing companies you’ll find on the Internet. We’ve always strove to be the best print broker around. In this effort, we’ve gone above and beyond the services provided by the typical printing shop.

Bay Area Graphics is the result owner Lesley Harrison’s 20-plus years in the industry. We have learned just about everything there is to know about printing, and our experience has enabled us to provide solutions that you’re unlikely to find at another company. We’re a one-stop shop—we’ve figured out how to maintain a variety of printing-related services under a single big tent.

BAG is a highly creative, eco-friendly organization. Nothing here is done by the numbers; we always ensure that our product conform to the unique needs of each client. To contact the best printing company in the Bay Area, just call or email us with your specs, and watch us go to work for you.