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Full Color Printing
4 Color Printing
Lesley Harrison
4 Color Printing
Telephone Ordering
  1. Contact the BAG Customer Service Center at 650-341-5350 with your PeopleSoft contract number BAG1602 in order to receive Oracle/PeopleSoft discount pricing. For additional information, please feel free to contact Steve Young at 510-508-0638.
  2. We prefer credit card orders. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.
  3. Please have the following information ready before calling:
    • Credit card type, credit card number, expiration date and name as it appears on the card
    • Billing address and attention line
    • Shipping address and attention line
    • BAG item number(s)
    • Purchase order number
    • Any other information your company requires for processing transactions.
  4. If you are a tax exempt customer please let the representative know.
    • If you are not tax exempt, proceed with order.
    • Reminder: Bay Area Graphics will not guarantee tax credit for misrepresentation of non-exemption. Therefore, if NO is answered, Bay Area Graphics will bill for tax and adjustments for exemption will not be made after Dec. 31st.
    • If you are a tax exempt company, fax a tax exemption certificate to 650-286-1768 for your order to be processed. You must fax an exemption certificate for each order placed. Failure to do this will delay your order.
  5. Orders for Pressure Seal items PSLW287PS, PSLW287PSBF and MW1095CBF can be placed by phone, but do require imprint information to be supplied.
  6. All standard orders will ship within 48 hours from our various distribution facilities. Imprint orders will take longer to process. Please let the us know if you need to make special shipping arrangements (i.e., FedEx, or a specific carrier).
  7. We will supply you with an order confirmation number. You can use this number to call back our customer service center to check on order status and to track your orders.